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With its Transatlantic cruises, Cunard continues the tradition of ocean crossings established by Samuel Cunard, the founder of the shipping company, in 1840. Until today, the combination of a traditional ambiance and modern amenities create an unforgettable travel experience on journeys between the Old and the New World.

Enjoy the travel experience of the 19th century and relaxing hours on board where you can leave your worries behind end take some time for yourself and your hobbies.

For example, broaden your horizon with our “Cunard Insights” program. Catch up on scientific developments during informative lectures or take part in workshops where you can become a wine connoisseur and learn new dancing steps or computer programs. Highlights also include introductions into star-gazing by expert astronomers which you can take into effect immediately in starry nights. Or shape yourself up at the fitness center or numerous sporting facilities on deck. Tranquility and relaxation await you at the spa and at havens such as your private balcony where you can enjoy fantastic ocean views and read a good book from the well-equipped library.

In the evening, dancing parties at the large ballroom, spectacular show at the Royal Court Theater and live music at the bars and lounges are fantastic options to end the day while enjoying a cocktail or a glass of wine.

A special experience will be the port entrance of New York at the beginning or end of your cruise when you pass the statue of liberty, Ellis Island and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. If you want to combine your cruise with some sightseeing, you can book a hotel package and extend your stay.

Cunard regularly offers 7- or 9-day Transatlantic crossings between Southampton or Hamburg and New York on board Queen Mary 2. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria also offer some Transatlantic itineraries. In addition, there are special event cruises such as the Transatlantic Fashion Week.

There are westbound crossings from Hamburg/Southampton to New York and eastbound crossings from New York to Southampton/Hamburg:

Westbound crossing - your benefits:

  • It is an unforgettable experience to depart from Hamburg and to arrive in New York, passing the Verrazano-Narrows-Bridge and the statue of liberty.
  • The departure ports of Hamburg and Southampton are not far away.
  • Almost all days on board have 25 hours due to the crossing of time zones.
  • You'll not be affected by a jetlag when arriving in America.

Eastbound crossing - your benefits:

  • If you book a Transatlantic cruise from New York to Southampton or Hamburg, you can shop to your heart's delight because there are no baggage restrictions for your cruise.
  • You can spend your time in the US as you want - and after some exciting hours or days, you can enjoy the time and tranquillity on board.
  • When you depart from New York in the late afternoon, the sun will be reflected in the façades of Manhattan.
  • When you arrive in Southampton or Hamburg, your jetlag has already disappeared.

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