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In July 1840, even the visionary Samuel Cunard could not have imagined the full extent of his remarkable legacy. Now, the three largest, and arguably the most magnificent, Cunarders ever built proudly bear his name across the globe.

In 1840, the mail ship Britannia laid the first foundation of Cunard's enduring reputation for reliability. For early pioneers, the vast liners promised land and prosperity in the New World. As more guests began to cross the Atlantic, our name became a byword for peerless glamour. Soon our floating palaces were heralded as lavish destinations in their own right, every inch as famous, as celebrated and as glamorous as the Hollywood legends, political giants and royal icons who graced their decks.

Today, delightful certainties still distinguish each voyage. Our White Star Service welcomes you with its assurance that every request is gladly fulfilled. As custom dictates, your accommodation is paired with a reserved table in a refined sea-view restaurant. The daily ritual of afternoon tea, served by white-gloved waiters, continues unabashed. And evenings bring the sparkling sophistication of black-tie soirées, an enthralling whirl of entertainment and convivial conversation with like-minded fellow guests. These are the enticing traditions you can share with us on each and every voyage.

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